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a slight increase of total hydrochloric acid over the

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long basswood splint to the posterior aspect of the

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fore the State Board of Health filled any vacancy occurring among the

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The prevailing theory accounts for the relative lack

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This hypothesis can be subjected to experimental test as

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to use a split tube for fear some irritation by pres

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minutes sterile liquid petrolatum should be injected.

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has not yet been found and that it is transmissible.

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moment. Except in the presence of poorly compensated valvular dis

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Wednesday March i j. Brooklyn Society for Neurology

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a more or less inhibitory nerve centre does not help

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parasites require intermediate hosts for their development and the

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table diet which by llicir change in the system tend

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effect as an adjuvant to the x ray also inhalations

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This was a stroke of criticism as well or ill found

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never be used for the prevention of drop foot etc.

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experience the delicate transverse loops of soft sil

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titatively were from ten to twenty per cent of the normal. If you

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gastric muscularis. If this is strong and food does

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unilateral or largely unilateral tuberculosis which do not respond

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munication slow and difficult to extend invitations to any one

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place is run and who provides the finances. Nothing could be more

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teria which classification was accepted for nearly seventy years.

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should to go home for their necessary period of bed rest and to

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partly entirely to free amino acids. That the free amino acids

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are often supposed to be heard. Round these hills the green fairy

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convulsions and death have been reported by Hutinel Gyrsez

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asthmatic excitant or an excitant which is specific

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and duties incidental to the care of troops and sup

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