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Clotrimazole Betamethasone Dipropionate Gentamicin Sulfate

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platitude, and is specially true of hospital life. Amusements,

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1 Thirty-five grams of dried bile was given to this patient by mouth in an attempt

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smoothing with his hand any inequalities which show themselves in the

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that can be learnt about it. But when we are concerned with a

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7. The case of G. A. Purpura, the Cleveland physician charged

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CASE 1. Mrs. W., aged thirty-four ; married twelve years. Two

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test of the general health conditions; and (4) a history

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ciples use large antiseptic incisions. AVhen incision is used in arthritic effusion,

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flexing as the hand is brought towards the shoulder and extending as

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World's Fair, with its complexity of marvellous interests : the

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and.paralysis of the muscles of deglutition, larynx, and soft palate.

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broken about their middle, and the base of the scanula was

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How far is the bone involved in these deep ulcerations of syphilis ?

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after-treatment is properly carried out "'""^ "^'^ '"S"''' ^'^ ^'^^^" ^^^^ costo-colic

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think it may be very good service to this Council, by taking

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badlli up to every hiding-place in the spleen and elsewhere.

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health varies. One person may be more bacteriological workers, advanced the the-

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empyema was not common in private practice. He would like to

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nals at all. All ages are the subjects of this affec-

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The reaction in litnu? nilk correFpcns with the p; ra-

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tan Board of Health, based upon very extensive experience,

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rise, and, unlike the complement, is relatively thermostable, not being

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of the gullet is neither dilated nor thickened, while in the remainder of

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well, and the patient had now a small anus and good control of

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blood elements. Canalis^ has seen free parasites in asstivo-autumnal infections.

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