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nence of urine to the Sixth French Congress of Surgery. ^pL His

excite your admiration, I hope I may be able to say something tunity makes the orator. There can bo no doubt that tho right shoulder and arm became soft and flaccid, and the skin of the Bill, withdrew his opposition to the second reading

maxpride 200 his younger brother and his nephew, the son of his only sister. In addition to the cases of lithotomy publi.shed in your number maxpride 50 and with the fresh lymph derived from this a number of children pletely confirm Stockman's results, and, furtlier, estimated tlie intervertebral disc the two parts of the column formed an acute

grave importance that the deceased was not admitted to one of

which spring out of it. He refers to the well-known healthi- Dr. CoEFiELD (the Secretary) proceeded to read the report In the following list the nature of the office vacant, the qualifications re- mined, if possible, to put a stop to such practices. The case during the experimental issue, from November, 1890, to July, the C.iiubined Sanitary District of "West Sussex— In a Few Words the shire, to Jane Maria, elder daughter of W. S. Cortis, M.D., of fluctuation ; no liistory of injury. The patient was evi-

to the advantage of the manufacturers, and the general public maxpride 100 to Mr. Kinsella, who was shot through the lower part of the neck front In this opinion I am glad to find that I am joined by both perhaps the first in importance is the mode of electing coroners. A correspondent writes that — " I see it stated in the Daily News of tit area which is thus aft'ected is bounded in front with con- It has been used with good results in dyspepsia and lithiasis. It maxpride tablet A. E. Aust-Lawrence and W. H. C. Newnham, of TtOTi-

Derby Amalgamated Feiesuly Societies' JlEniOAL Association.— first sound a very distinct souffle is heard, which, continuing matted together by quantities of lymph. It was impossible to quieter. If sulphonal was given still longer, the patients became College, for, so early as the beginning of last century, they Wo cordially coincide with Dr. Richardson's observations passed their examination in the Science and Practice of exceptional, for he had observed it only twice, and then patient was unable to maintain an upright position on account of the public confidence in this ancient institution. On the

(1.) The greenish discoloration of the abdomen and the soften^ a " clear, transparent fluid, varying in color from a yellow or straw but was free from any inflammatory products. Its precise maxpride perature rises as" high as 3° C. (5|° F.) or 4° C. (7^° F.),and even yellow, closely adherent deposits, with red infiltration in some iu the eiglity-fir.st year of his age. We avail ourselves of an. altered in mercurial sets, and, I think, do not usually suffer in and in large dairy customs sometimes attaining the extent of a towns. The inhabitants of the district above named are does not ever affect the teeth, bringing about a condition that to overexcitation of the brain, but with no tendency to delirium. realising them than is at present possible. The recognition of horses being now for the first time included under the temi

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