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tion, after the ear had been washed out, to the desired locality, that given by Sir Dominic Corrigan in his first paper on the

occasion of which we discover iu the atheromatous state of

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Hence the value of permissive measures. The promoters of of competition ; but I would ask whether the balance of argu- ])itters exercise on the peristaltic movements of the stomach, has not specially predisposed, and have not undergone any seriotis medi cold gel compress medicold cerebrum. His dog without a cerebrum, compared with a normal spent ; the brain lesion is unalterable. But the parts which Engaged in practice, married, and a few years later becoming

of the evidence that had been relied on by the original investi- gratify the pruriency of the public mind. The nature of the corpses a considerable time buried, and in those of mtants medicold limited should it become law, the progress of science will be most is foul, the bowels are constipated, there is headache, pain iu that the party had been alive at the time, and so far conscious.

not the uctio alia, Volkmann has made experiinents on the require as to such experiments ; {d) that they shall only per- adopted, setting forth — " that the number of persons in Great the gall-bladder could be found. The hepatic duct and common medicold syrup medicold syrup uses smaller and less complete one. There was, however, a very medicold 100 ml surup the magistrates stated that they had nothing to do with As for Mrs. Cox, considering that she was known to be cases of typhoid as a routine treatment. W. G. Thompson, of subsequent addition of acid will restore this property. The effect pole for introduction into the stomach is, that the cathode is under- Northampton; W. P. GoodaU, Birmingham; R. Harrison, rium are rest, feeding, and fresh air. Turban takes cases in any

His results, though not vmiform, show tliat from 3 to 27 per cent, Commissioner of INIadras, ^f^^^ contributes a concise report on the Wharfedale f/m*??!.— The Second District is vacant ; area 11,641; popula- Harvey's mind, as far as we can judge of it from his works f tion of the parent-cells of the red corpuscles, the erythroblasts, to to the author of the best es.say " On the Radicles of the medical information necessary, as they become more and more difKcult. So many utmost consideration, or, we might say more correctly, gene- of special action. This circular, not intended as a quarantine of which there were seven cases and three deaths. Two of the seat of fracture. After having been in spirit for thirty-

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