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The Blood. — The white count is about normal or slightly reduced — 6500 on the

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clots the only boundary of the aneurisui in this direction and corresponding

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of the cases. About one-fifth of all the patients do not use tobacco,

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children and all his relatives about the successful results obtained

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of New York, total blindness was established by severe tests,

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culous lesion may appear after the infection of the axillary

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the explanation of the muffled murmur. If you wait a few

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in the form of the insoluble grey oxide and muriate.

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decrease in weight of the body, in amount of urine, of the

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between a grave illness and a slight one ; for the reason that

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gram — every two weeks, and in addition intraspinous injections

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that a primiparous woman, unless rendered unconscious by narcotic substances,

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daring the Week, ending Saturday, April 20, 1867, in the

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on as perilous, it would be well to bear in mind the caution

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instant of death the choroid pales and loses all colour, the central

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become anaemic and atrophied. These various stages were divided by Rayer into six

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To the Editor of American Medicine: — In your issue of

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physical activity, tobacco, alcohol, coffee and tea, pollu-

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turn away from roast pork in midsummer — it would make them sick — but

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were inoculated. Of the seasoned men, 6,687 white troops (75 per

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dissolve the cells in question. This power is contained in the blood

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Are an annoyance and a source of constant irritation to many households

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surface water). "Significant sites along historic trails," refer

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chemical changes within the intestinal canal ; and his belief in their prophy-

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peculiar deposits of pigment in the atrophied tissue.

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standing out more prominently than others, the mental

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A good field for observation was London, to which daily frowds of

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water, by injection, with the same result, and found that hraiuly was

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Mr. Macdona asked the Secretary of the Local Government Board

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rakcnlng, being more or loss confused. Successive periods of som-

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is not enough available to regulate the nourishment of the skin. In

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rate amount for a considerable period. (Edema of the lower limbs, in a

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local common and high schools. Of acquisitive mind, he finely educated

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transverse presentations the head will be felt at one pole of the

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