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stronger solutions, although formerly employed for surgical
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IS I stated to you in my hist letter, that the disease was not wliolly
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yellow by the abnormal sebaceous secretion, are often considered to
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the County Assessor's report for that year. The annual increase in
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your patients against the fatal consequences of stereotyped practice.
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Ext. valerian, fluidi, § ij. ; carb. ammon., 3 ij. ; glycerini, § i. M.
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to learn from one another. There is no doubt that many a humble
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Administration. — Aloes is given to horses in semi-solu-
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procured from Turkey, Asia Minor, Persia, India and Egypt.
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respecting the growth of the cinchona in its native country. I
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clavicle by a conical ball- He has since died of his wounds, at the
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only alluding to sulphuric ether in a single line, which barely men-
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samples at a meeting of the Obstetrical Society. Every kind of
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Applied cups to nape of neck, mustard to spine, and gave cal., gr. vi.
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where were found circumscribed spots of discoloration, varying in
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<Ieem my connection with the operation soniewhat providential. I had
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and had been stationed at Xewbcrn less than two months when the
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worthy of the title of psoriasis, and have always been designated

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