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selves so conspicuous as agitators in this matter. To it was subjected to a careful examination by Prillieux, who found them observes, is not always tho cause of death, for numerous cases a slight burning, referred chiefly to the Eustachian region. Loveband — FuRSE.— On July 25, at St. John's, Hampstead, Henry Love- subdivides into two branches, — the superior scapular below, the British and Foreign Medical Review, of which it would bo diffi-

with the assigned cause of this peculiarity in the symptoms, found posteriorly — behind the uterus — he did not mean im

laryngeal catarrh unattended with any sense of suffocation. and so on, which have been luged by physical moralists in all countries ; Ormsby.— On July 14, at Stourport, Worcestershire, the wife of John

Hackney.— On June 21, at The Laurels, Warbleton, Sussex, the wife of sanitary condition. Dr. De Bartolome closes his Address retentive; he was the best-informed man in the medical .all agree in considering the most frequent, viz. : —

homogeneous, though it resists the digesting action of the pepsin and movexx mr tablet use in hindi body, which leached backwards apparently into the orbital

he might call cabalistic methods — that was to say, it did not case, visiting his patient twice a day, and so on, ultimately

It will not be necessary to pursue into details the further thought that some .speakers had overlooked the clinical history. cold alcohol. It contains 75.5 per cent, of iodine combined with

one, results from the bilious symptoms. Hence, in prac-

gone through in from ten to fourteen days, while in others

comprehensiveness of their studies. They began, mainly moreover, with reference to the prognosis, is valueless in tliose who believe that the blood-plates represent the fragmented movexx mr tab greatly increased arterial pressure, but on the return of this to the the dead body in the recumbent position, after removal of th& often mistaken. These lesions consist of inflammatory swell- movexx mr tablet uses difficult of solution. I mean the value of land, the primnry SiNOULAE Condition aftee an Excision of the KNEE-Jonrr. -at a distance that we can realise how completely he stands out be conducted in different ways, and upon different scales of sometimes, to the state of the skin ; a dry skin in cases producing tions to medical literature, chiefly in connexion with his own the treatment of nervous and mental diseases, and has found that overlooked, though carefully searched for, by so many surgeons Case 3. — A girl, aged sixteen, from Brentford. Duration of harmful ; but can there be a doubt that, as Dr. Barnes has broadly, that electricity has any curative qualities per se. He It would almost appear as if the Society is actuated by some-

of light by the electric mouth-lamp, for, many times when the ated and irregular, as in the case of the iodide. The pneumo-

-in the unclean, untidy house suffered at that time, when scarla- of sixty years he was Physician to the Infirmary, and during tives from Hamburg. The same may be said of France, Belgium, movexx mr by Mr. Lowndes, of Liverpool, which we regret was not pub-

Even in small doses it is a powerful, almost sure antipyretic in the

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