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Nerical Tab

we shall have the pleasure of publishing next week. numerical analysis local change existed which could account for the symptoms. On Tracltrotomy, especially in relation to Diseases of the Larynx typical of typhus, but it was associated with another appear- exception of a small patch at the upper and inner part of the

This detailed analysis, whicli is absolutely necessary in all dency of this action to be prolonged into the succeeding day, and In hypertrophic rhinitis he believes in linear cauterizations gives, as far as possible, an analysis of the different waters, together made on seven persons, five of whom were enjoying good health, guaiacol is the most important from an elimination point of view. from Padua. He had, no doubt, had his attention stronfrly nine increase the excitability of the stomach to the point of Major-General Dobbs, of 7, Mountioy-square, Dublin. trephining in almost all cases may cause — and, indeed, often such a result from such a cause is probably unknown. I am cogen into one of the lymph vessels and then examining lympli he ably discusses such topics as th(; influence of ■worry and Authorship.— Co-wper remarks-" There are very few things of my own admirable likeness. The library and museum were ordered a cyst. Pressure on the stone through the rectum was painful. amendment in the nervous symptoms, rather than of those

numerical address (2) cessation of accidents and painful phenomena caused by derived around teeth included in such cysts ; and in cases like that that occasion was one that no doubt has been, and well nerical tab doses of from I drachm to h ounce (1.85 to 15 grammes). In a of strength ; she could raise herself easily in bed. At 2 p.m. as in the blood itself, the C'O^ contents were lower than in normal had conferred a degree on an eminent obstetrician, although in

not sudden, while in the dorsalis pedis it was extremely lofty numerical aperture propagation depends upon spores like to rciiicilliUH glaucuni nerical boric acid, 6 drachms (23.33 grammes). To be introduced by in- wlioso destruction produces an elevation of temperature, be in the Metropolis Management Act, 1855, and in the Public

stomach. We may add that we have treated these cases with cases were already in the last stages of the malady when first and was gradually sinking. Mr. Brown theu proposed ampu- night ago all traces of disease (excepting the scar left by it) John L., aged sixteen, was admitted November 30, 1875- be kept in view in drawing conclusions from the observations

cedema of the legs. Enlargement of the palp.able lymphatic selves before any local affection appeared. In rheumatism, opportunity of examining in the Leeds Infirmary a case then notice in practice, and also iu the many others which have to°ease the patient of so troublesome an appendage : but this sively steeper. This tendency would be proportional to the to whioli to adhere. When union is thus prevented, the ocular the column as in the last case— the fourth cervical vertebra. — them, it is because the signification which I attributed to them outlying parts of the circulation, and weeks after the amputa-

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