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journ in Heidelberg I became much interested in the manufact-

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thyroid enlargement had disappeared. In September, 1883, she

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much as charges have been made in open session to-day,

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regiment, ret. 21, who entered the hospital on May 31st,

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same manner upon the trunks of the mesenteric veins, and

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I hope that all who see it will feel a deeper pride and, yes —

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York, and others similarly interested might, if they de-

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at Washington be repealed, and that in the future the

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Therefore, as far as clinical evidence is concerned, we are obliged

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tent, originated ; to give a garish, unmerited prominence to

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physician in the morning, before his usual hour of going out ; for,

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At the present day, when the microscope is becoming

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profession. The same condition is frequently spoken of also as

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The pulse is exceedingly irregular. It is intermittent,

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by an operation, which, as I have shown, is less fatal

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XLIIL— 1836. W. Mooz, Lancet, 1836, vol. ii. Puer-

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the foeti die from the detachment of its placenta at the time

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tion of cells strung to each other, similar to a row

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against these "mixed clinics," they must expect to see

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Association Dr. J. A. Stevens, delegate from the Medical Society

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his. The bulk of this fortune amounting, I am told, to

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phatically advise the employment of instruments so made as to

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Present : Drs. Gray, Robb, Orton, Greene, Hutchison, Green,

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ders this more easy by assuming the recumbent posture.

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"Irritated '35" shot back: "Pugnax's demands that the

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of heat produced. This has been done by calculating the value

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first paper on the subject was read in March, 1872, and was fol-

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beautiful language, whose power is irresistible, that man

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than to say that a moderate pneumonia was developed on the

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ifestly caused by the pressure of the foetus on the haem-

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also shown that a five-per-cent, solution of carbolic acid will de-

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in a constant ratio, until one half of the cases occurring among

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heat-producing processes; and, if this condition persist for a

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tinued fever and pneumonia, caused 41.67 per cent of all

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plications, now so generaliy in vogue, must have the

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Gross a great advantage, for certainly this organ is ex-

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Had an operation been performed upon her, it is probable that

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ested in this subject will do well to obtain a copy of his

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the organism, left to itself, had been free from this pro-

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monia : it was seated upon the right, and during the two

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