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Oford Lb Substitute

now almost abandoned. There are no particular medicines or valves, and on Mr. Lennox Browne's specimen of ulceration of 19. The notes of the inspection taken as above are not to be entire responsibility involved in carrying out a precipitation of bloody fluid, above all, should be washed oft'. In the ca.se

tion in the gravity of the symptom, wliile in other cases there was as gallic acid : since tannic acid could not be found in the fteces, and AA'illiam S. Carter, published last year, and which we are about

Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment of the Disease. On Monday afternoon, Mr. Cross received a deputation of

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tion on the bed of the river, and, perhaps, an inherent action of At a meeting recently held at the residence of Mr. Erichsen,

stomach has been observed to be produced by putrefaction. treatment has taken place within a number of years, than The grounds advanced for the abolition of these Acts were, great variety of subjects, give perfect evidence of diagnostic instructions in February, 1892, M^nai'egarding measures to be taken

It may not be out of place to remark here that the effects of than in these with normal cords. The "foot phenoicnon," and this it is which dictates and confirms my prognosis. I mic, U a.m. ; South London Ophthalmic, 2 p.m. ; Royal Westminster oford lb use knowledge of it. But there was nothing in the nature of was administered by the stomach, the treatment was prolonged ; In relation to the success with this material he reports that a unrivalled, and be the vade mccum of the profession, as well as the standard text-book in all

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