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with the cellular infiltration around the posterior
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General shedding may also occur in debilitating diseases such as dis
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disturbed renal function. In this group come hypertension
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strengthen the work of the several bureaus of the board of health
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Dandruff is characterized by the presence of grayish white scales
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because they caused more discomfort and inconvenience to the
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The President The next number on our program is The Im
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sharp angle at the duodenojejunal junction. A duodenojejunostomy
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was normal in eighty three cases. In ten cases there
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a marked weakness. If no treatment is given the animal soon passes
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believed atithor of his ills the medicine man exer
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tion distinguishing the species of conznilsive Asth
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In an effort to provide suitable yet cheap litter for young quail the
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tures for several days. At temperatures below freezing it can survive
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W. C. Davison and Duke University for their magnanimity courtesy
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minds of the public was that physical disease offered
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albuminuria varying from a fraction to a gram or more to the liter
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For man there are described species of Spironema and
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IV. The function of the stomach following gastrectomy is com
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him to get the formula. Never will I forget that July afternoon
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in the form of hydrolyzed casein was sufficient if distributed
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consider the claims of the various hospitals and it was
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these cases. To summarize the findings in the table
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in consultation with Drs. Kelly and Burnam who advised radium and
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to the operating room nausea and vomiting is markedly decreased
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resulting from the blue light lead to preservation of
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The distention is due not to sudden gas production
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habit without I ding with the director of health or other
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mediately replaced. It was removed at two to five day intervals eleven

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