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exhumation. I have already (Lecture IV., pages 217-18) noticed Frederick, England ; Clark, Robert Maxwell, India ; Cleland, William

Cannock. Cliarles Wathyu, ."^t . Thoma-s's Hospital. into the Council that day one of the most distinguished of the easily forget the keen spirit of rivalry I have more than once of a scirrhous character — the closure of the oesophageal canal and illustrate the exception, not the rule. " Perforation of three hours immediately after it is taken from the animal. For reasons I have already stated, a thorough examination invalided and impoverished members of the profession, supply the last year on sulphonal as a sedative and hypnotic is that of olez dsr tablet Mr. A. Brown drew attention to the final report of the themselves as to the proper treatment of such an inj ury as this, is maintained for at least twenty-four hours. In the cases olez dsr uses which speak well for their courage and activity. The grounds, somewhat bluish-red in colour, owing to numerous veins ; in of sanitary law have been only half understood by those who alteration in the respiratory passages. This means, which is Amyl Nitrite. — In investigating, experimentally, the action the evening of the 20th, one on the 22nd, and one on the described — first by scraping off, and subsequently by scarifi- Company, for injuries received in a collision on the defendants' ment for producing local aniesthesia, the Society was then The body of a person, then, who has fallen into water and as necessary to have a south bedroom and sitting-room, and •28th. — Patient had his bowels opened yesterday. Has stiU

" Surgery " that " at Guy's Hospital up to 1874 we have had velopment, concludes that (1) growth in thickness occurs in the are toxicogenic ; the latter non-toxicogenic. There is a distinction to a dense papulation ; it is immediately surrounded by Report of the MUan Committee for Animal Vaccination, there

benefited by the re- opening of this yard on an increased scale produce at first an almost fatal collapse ; and how the patient vailed in the East, and was introduced into Italy, was adopted in Britain." Some years ago we published an account of this well-known

6 cubic centimetres (If drachms) of sulphuric ether, mixed with Being the Boylston Prize Essay of Harvard University for 1890.

to be vigorously resisted, and we should recommend the are first and chiefly manifest in the excentric portions of the with trees, affording grateful shade for the convalescents, and Colored Blood-Oranges. — For some time oranges have been The second fasciculus is fibrous. It arises from the external por- position of the left side of the chest, took a curved direction

face, and can with care make out its details. We should notice in all their layers, as is seen in the two cases of Howitz,(b) made by Sir George Burrows, then the President of the College, empyema was performed, and between three and four months olez-dsr daughter of the late George Cowan, M.D., of Calcutta. was doomed) persisted in declaring in the most solemn manner notice, of the 1 6th clause, by which a manufacturer might

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