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seem to be at a standstill. If no resvilt is gotten after injecting
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The worms move about actively over the surface of the eyeball
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in the dog. It is characterized by the sudden appearance of large
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statement of the following condition An animal is injected
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with fluid above the hoof and between its halves as well as around
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not to a parallel periodicity in any essential stimulus but to
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It is as far as we have observed specific and cannot be brought
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sition vaginal hysterectomy with repair of the cystocele and rectocele
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tioned here. Patton has recently observed the production of
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nitrate painted daily on lesions with denuded super
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receives little if any benefit from a cholecystectomy. Tenderness
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additional materials through Google Book Search. Please do not remove it.
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was a friend of Dr. Thompson and Dr. Thompson well understood
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confined to bed as he complains of weakness in the legs
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Ibrfeitarei bjr whidh he appeuv to hare poMeMed the whole
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of venous circulation and return are two fundamental considerations
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latent form of infection than exists in many of the densely populated
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as men who are internists. I feel that no major surgical procedure
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the two tj pes of dysentery bacillary and amebic. The
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insures traction parallel to the pelvic canal or axis traction at what
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cultures of S. gracilis and S. balanitidis by means of gelatinized
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arrived in time to witness the conclusion of the ceremony.
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of salvarsan and its derivatives in the treatment of syphilis the
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attacks the organisms are ingested in minutes. In passively
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tests are also necessary at times especially in cats to determine the
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doubt very much whether the curettage treatment as given
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in such cases may lead one to think that he is deal
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shown that the thyroid has apparently no effect on the heart in the
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ly trained and up to date serologists. The effect of
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heart e. g. the teeth is present and may operate as a
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inorganic salts. This was equally readily disproved
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charged with the duty of meeting that responsibility.
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contact with live stock the epiodemiologic evidence suggests that

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