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every case more or less marked improvement is the prompt

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sylvania Hospital for the Insane, had used hyoscyamide

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smoothly with rubber tissue, overlapping the edges of the ulcer by an

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called "cotton-holder" is simply a slender malleable

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hospital the patient died. The parasites found in the

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A " Pieport on the Corpeas luteum," by Dr. Dalton, of New

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of their situation, exert pressure upon the vena porta itself. In either event

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accordingly be explained by the doctrine of reflex or correlated action.

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oncologists in private practice. In all, 2 patients had ATL, 15

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number of individuals in whom tuberculosis has never been recognized

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who developed initial symptoms of the disease in June, 1911, at 9 F

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dition. For cases of illness which may arise during the

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especially as found in institutions for the criminal, pauper and

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a male instead of a female superintendent. The latter

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* ** First, To prevent patient from injuring himself.

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These two incisions, not opening into the pleural cavity, are

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action on independent and disseminated foci of pyogenesis. Each

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collected some seven cases from tiie CJuy's Hospital Case-books of a few years

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their contents causes them to swell in all directions, so that they rise

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cavities in the prostate were of large size. The one on the

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very carefully carried out. The material should be placed between

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nuclear cells, small lymphocytes. There were few multi-

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is small and at any point away from the pyloric orifice, it may

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On the 18th there was feeble respiratory murmur all overthe

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A most excellent draught for relief of the pain, and

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(III) by the greater uniformity of age and a higher level of general

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curred in females. One of the patients was a child two years and

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