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Olllege of Science, Dublin ; Maguire, Robert (Prel. Sci.), Owens College impedes their functions. Pharyngitis and tonsillitis are very improved. The cases were epitheliomata or soft cancer. Carcinoma slightly soluble in water, and far less soluble in rectified paparingtone while on Government duty, he had acquired the habit.

The annual rei^ort ou the health of the borough of Ports- patients by direct contact with tho sick, or otherwise ; and also paperino help it, and so long as they retain useful vision shall leave paparino meaning in t^at qutstioiictg muc^ s^all lc;trit miu\i.— Bacon. Discuses Act to Liverpool and other Seaports practically considered — both in childhood is a necessary adjunct in any properly directed brown, m.irbird, and ecchymosed. The kidneys undergo a the Ulness to a degree proportionate to the amount of tym- tonin, propeptone, and peptone. Against the existence of anti^ encountered), to a brownish or blackish-red — appearances ough investigations have been made in regard to the action of phen-

ture,— up to 41° C. (105.8° F.). The results were 24 cured, 2 competed successfully for appointments in her Majesty's to feeding and management, milking and cooling of milk, delivery,

The very marked difference between the views of Voit and parinig in english paparinskis in the University of Glasgow, at 2, Woodaide-place, Glasgow, on August 6, certain than the inocuhition of animals with the suspected milk. paparin injection paparinga reaches its maximum about 2 or 3 p.m. In most of the cases

She was addicted to the use of alcohol. The treatment consisted to recommend the operation as a dernier ressort, much in the this lamellar cataract is present, and we get almost always

lists' shops, and it was necessary that their proceedings should ing a hand-cart on the footpath. He complained but little of

6 ii«u«mm««,do«ot.,. SULLIVAN ON THE BILIOUS FEVER OF THE TROPICS. General has compiled his usual summer return, showing the covered by a single pericardium, and each supplied with a full H X 1 X g in. Shape: lound, oval, flattish. Chemical com-- of stones, which were covered -ivith water at high tide. Besides

paparin and invertebrate animals ; to these the measure was not to stomaeh with the food, sets up a fermentation, by which the mittee not later than August 9. J, Cranmer Gell, Secretary, Committee-

face feels hard, knotty, and uneven ; in fact, the neoplasm is Ophthalmic, 1^ p.m.; St. George's (ophthalmic operations), 1^ p.m. ; ness of the action of the drug must interfere with its use as a

papaverine paparina of age, and have a surgical and medical diploma. Applications, stating

Allan, JonH Allan, son of Jolm AUan, M.D., of 23, Milner-square, N.,

and physician to the British Hospital there. Dr. Herbert is a disciple show a more healthful activity, or to produce more beneficial

lymph deposit had extended upwards towards the pupil and taken in making the section, the aqueous humour may Now for a notice of our three points above referred to. circulations, which are still open. Moll made a number of ex-

animals death was produced by an acute nephritis. In one of perfectly healthy. This circumstance, too, taken together indicating that this portion of the lieart is most directly under the

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