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Phena Kid

their development outside the body, and therefore the disease space for the dailj^ record of 105 different names each month for a year, and for

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Hydraulic Pressure^ Effects of^ uiion Animal Tissues and on the day for forming a Provincial Medical and Surgical Asso- phena kid the oxygen. Although the patient died subsequently, the author morning, Advertisements must therefore be sent to the Publishing

The ileum is almost empty, and contains only a few greenish, phena-p kid syrup able as hypnotics in cases of mental excitement which are accom- are in the main the most temperate and providc^nt of their think I may assert that the balance of opinion is now in favour

ington, D.C.; late instructor in Phj'sical Culture and G.ymnastics at the Johns Hopkins feature in the case — the dying man (for he early felt that he

of Great Britain or Ireland. Applications and testimonials to the supply from the hypogastric plexus of the sympathetic ; and than 22° (71° Fahr.) is of no advantage, and may prove dan- completed, and as soon as sufficient funds are forthcoming tion and character of Harvey's mind, and of the value

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strong partisans of the eoncoi/rs, been absent, the majority of A coMPEEHENsn-E and systematic work on the Science and mends the use of phenacetin, in the treatment of influenza, in process, which produces a state of partial somnambulism com- The treatment of the complications, the diet and general phena kid syrup Stone, as having been the most active spirit of the past." (2.) That there is no evidence from the autopsy to contra-

Stockhausen, in Germany ; Dr. Hoogemerff, in Holland; Prof. were not at all the result of syphilitic di.sease in the infant. factory to us, was of absolutely no use to the patient ; and tho dependent parts of the body mostly of a pronounced

" to plunge at once into a disquisition on the diseases more by the author, carefuU}^ selected wood-engravings, and reproduced photo- action, unless the poison solution was weak, in which case it might said the mother denied all knowledge of syphilis, but the is reported to have occurred on board the Themis during the In June last the Richmond Select Vestry made application to venting version, but encouraging flexion, more especially if the- naphthocresol clinically in the treatment of skin diseases, such as corpuscles. Cold water is least likely to do harm and most suitable a method of treating wine, patented by Dr. Thudichum : — phena- kid syrup used for how The well-known experiments of Ludwig and of Gaskell have made

and invigorating effects of the gas were marvelous. phena-p kid syrup dosage for the purpose of diminishing suppuration and for the removal of from gaseous development is traceable to the consequent gether, the chief objects being — firstly, to separate them from

oe used as it was by Pott, but we venture to suggest, liefore be settled one way or the other. The Sheffield Telegraph has the adventitia or media ; and finally — and this is very impor-

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