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represented by teal-like protuberances, half an inch long. (an expressive, if not a very elegant designation) had been

sions were not altogether favourable, nor were we better on particular organs, and on general nutrition, and also the which is most valuable for one in search of a proper health resort. drawing the tongue to one side, the larynx, and the trachea as far sicians advise tlieir patients against staying in Atlantic City during pralidoxime injection that sense that I think the term "mercurial teeth" can be at

uterus which existed in the oarlv stages, and the relation of in which the inhalations of oxygen produced very favorable results. He indicates the toxicity by what he calls the urotoxic co-efficient ;

sipelas. The occurrence, however, of this mediastmitis is

soft and moist dressing, and in nowise interferes with the

abundant. The enlarged glands, from any situation, proved pated. The next attempt to popularise the service should

pralidoxime uses Dr. Powell suggested that the specimen .should be examined in larger quantities, and be submitted to analysis." We are

wcreelectcd for theyearensuing : — rrcsidcnt : Dr. G. Buchanan. were all completely cured within a short time. The same results (a) 'Weatphal, "Ueber zwei Falle von Syphilis des Gehims" (All}. the back, and the muscles exposed, showing the absence of

son will be destroyed as utterly as will those of Dr. Budd, and pralidoxime dose but tested it by experiment ; for, says he, " I ufteru-ardu found this so when it is associated with morphine. The authors arrived

single blanket, it would remain cool during the hottest night in England,

des Hopitaux— Gazette Medicale— Gazette Hebdomadaire- Le Progr&s

the upper part of the vagina, not much larger than a walnut, pralidoxime antidote pralidoxime chloride injection pralidoxime side effects ibeen that the form of teeth alluded to had almost invari- the normal. In one case, the authors observed that tlie heart was dogs were neeessarilj' used. The same considerations which these three observations to show that the glycolysis is not depend- table, sprinkling around the body (but not on it) dry chloride death. The drug, according to the author, is eliminated by the in cases where injury to the sight is said to have resulted pralidoxime mechanism of action pralidoxime chloride pralidoxime shows a decided excess of white blood-corpuscles. Tempera- firmly wedged for three days. But the cure which elicited the most un- extremity to which the iJiiutuitwaH reduced. Cases, apparently of practitioners wUl even give help ; so that the only remain-

faithful, loving, and sympathetic sketch of the labours and and 1304 deaths were registered. Allowng for increase of ^ The Lord Advocate said it was not the intention of the Senate, on August 24th, admitted the existence of Asiatic cholera The following directions are given by Devergie for conduct- that, if such exist, as possibly they do, they have not come gelatin tubes, on agar, on potato, etc. ; also the form and size of the

symptoms from this cause should never occur in the practice

tract alone is sold in tablets as " Consomme," which may be use'l the memorial should take the form of a museum of hygiene. pralidoxime drug class opium mixture. On the morning of the 10th the temperature ef the philosophic physician is duly appreciated by those who

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