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which, after an excellent short history of the involuntary
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The tests with the galvanic current require adequate
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over 250 in-patients and 700 out-patients yearly. Consulting Physicians,
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physician and patient. The vast majority of these secret and proprie-
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journal, the Paris Medical, devoted to practical medicine and
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Notable distress attending the process of digestion, and ac-
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its intimate connexion with the inner lamina of the fheath, which,
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matique: hyalitis cousecutive aune hemorrliauie du corps
100 heats per minute, and upon unusual exertion or excitement the heart's
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dominal section." (Stephen .Smith, Operative Surgery )
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July 4, 1880. The subject was a little boy about nine years of
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first to show that phagocytosis by human leucocytes of various
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better in health, and the liver nearly its normal size, but he would
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by Robertson's method previously reported. 3 The total protein is
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skin testing, chest x-rays and, to a limited extent,
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days, and passed only three faceted calculi. The gall-
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extension of tlie disease in the lungs. When this covered a
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Fee for the whole course, $1*8. J. AUGUSTINE SMITH, M.D., PresaeeRl.
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Buzzi ' has previously written upon this subject, ex-
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and much more practicable. AVe are content to ask that"
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doubtful qualities, which have been ascribed to them by tradition or by
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Our object was, after having contrasted the symptoms andjjos^/^ortoji appear-
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kept in place for forty-eight hours. After putting to bed
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complete withf)ut it. The present edition is beautifully printed and
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tween an associated feature and a causal relationship. 2,4
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disease in order to attract, if possible, such an amount of attention
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sident, John Clough, of Lebanon ; Secretary, N. Call, of Pembroke ;
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allied subject, it was agreed to read it first, and to discuss both papers
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— The effect of small doses has been learned at the sick-bed. In
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subject before us frequently, and I believe are in favor of
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cal, and comprehensive course of instruction ; that the
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25 per cent., and Norris 61 per cent. As Preble suggests, this high
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where rheumatic endocarditis and pericarditis coexist, this may show it-
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alkaline, and contains a few pus-cells, transitional epithelial cells, and red
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desirable to keep ice-bags to the patient's iiead for
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considerable variation in the relative prominence of the phenomena.
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is prazosin hcl used for nightmares
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done with care, else too great a degree of irritation might be induced
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man, must be incomparably cleaner than allowing them to run into and soak
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