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republic, that she is always ready to give a cordial welcome to every

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among phj^sicians regarding the dilutions used. He began with the

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114, very full; tongue dry and brown; teeth covered with sordes. To

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LippE, Adolph, M.D., 1204 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

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and excessive disturbance of the nervous functions ; all these symptoms

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minimum of time should be devoted to the routine of business, and

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tive Decotfions , or Meat Broths , orPoffet-drink -,

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pathology and practice require stiU further investigation.

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After the candidates for the degree of Doctor of Medicine had

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muriatic acid lotions by means of a cameFs-hair pencil or a piece of a

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erous as well as prudent dietetic regulations, and change of air, if

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attack of the disease, or to arrest the symptoms at its onset.

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attached which contains about three hundred magazines, European

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ber. the Seed being ripe not long after the falling of

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This little pamphlet contains some very good thoughts from some

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Sol. arg. nit. fifteen grains to an ounce of water, and Merc, and

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of us, published tables of many cases of ague cured in hospital by that

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caused two of the crew to be attacked with coujp de soleil. Our casu-

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tests now used for acuteness of vision— is univer-

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fubtil and volatil, confortative to the Stomach and

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have been offered, in consequence of the extreme stiffness of the altered

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College of Philadelphia. The latter position he filled with great acceptance

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is proven by the fact that since its introduction to the Profession it has come into more general use than all

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then, red blood is manufactured, as in the foetal body at an earlier

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cut surface are absorbed and circulated by the vessels of the amputated

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anatomical character of the disease. But it is not so with the alteration of

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young and old were equally liable to danger. I have also seen it fatal

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those who took the disease had not been vaccinated, and that none

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E. U. Jones, M.D., of Taunton, delivered the annual address. It

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great restlessness ; headache, with darting pain ; pulse 120 ; stiU an-

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I shall, in the case of the Eclair steamer, give you a very recent illus-

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