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the lung, he was not content to do as others had done, and

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over to the axilla, I made an up-and-down elliptical incision. On

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except through chest complications, easily induced through ex-

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for hernia, for which it was e8i)ecially recommended,

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thickened and hardened to the length the limb was held

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and close questioning will soon develop the fact of some unusual bodily effort, followed by

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In such a case, therefore, the tentative treatment should be

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Prlv^ate communications to the Editor may be addressed to his residence, 1525

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sympathetic nexus between disturbances in the kidneys and bladder is such that any

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just slipped away from us has been marred by unsatisfactory expe-

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very common for the whole of the nails to be shed in the attack ;

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medical profession can help so much to stamp out this scourge,

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known as "the fourth disease." In an attempt to con-

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are merely different stages of the same disease, and dependent upon the

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usually does its work, if managed well, in the first

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lodgment ; and yet the results of those manipulations were

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on the cardiac extremity of the oesophagus, producing anti-

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apphed to tumours, local inflammations, and diseased parts

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