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Waste Reduction Technology Programs

• Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Programs
The three pillars of any successful waste reduction program will be recommended and encouraged in the ongoing operation of your business. Waste Reduction Technology will work with your company to Reduce waste before it is ever created. For example, to Reduce the amount of packaging involved in your products. Companies such as Baxter Healthcare CVG have been able to save over $1.2 million per year on packaging reduction alone. Instead of throwing away perfectly useful items such as office furniture and partitions, Waste Reduction Technology can often find a new home for these items to be Reused. Frequently, these items can even be donated to local non-profits and your company can receive a tax deduction. For waste that can not be Reduced or Reused, the next best strategy is to Recycle. Waste Reduction Technology will design organized and clearly labeled programs for your paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminum, green waste, food waste and other waste items. Such programs will make the process easy, efficient, cost-effective and fun.
Confidential Shredding
In order to comply with State and National legislation, businesses are expected to shred documents, disks and CDs containing their customers' names, addresses, telephone numbers, credit card information and social security numbers. Waste Reduction Technology can assist your company to set up a confidential shredding system with locked containers and/or internal shredding units.
• E-Waste
As your company evolves and expands, so does its need for updating its computers, monitors, receivers and other electronic products. The frequent result is a growing obsolete reserve of E-waste containing hazardous material that must be managed properly. Waste Reduction Technology can work with your company to come up with cost-effective solutions for donating and recycling these components and to dispose of them properly when necessary.
• Composting and Green Waste
Organic materials such as grass clippings, food waste, tree limbs and leaves can now be disposed of free of charge in many jurisdictions. Waste Reduction Technology can set up programs to divert these waste components and reduce your waste disposal costs.
• Wood Waste
Wood pallets used for shipping and wood building materials are two types of wood waste that is frequently thrown away at high cost. Waste Reduction Technology can find reuse and recycling solutions for your company's wood waste and greatly reduce disposal costs.
• Construction Waste
Concrete, metal, wood and other construction materials can be separated and reused or recycled. Waste Reduction Technology has the know-how to put these programs in place and reduce the cost of disposing of construction waste.
• Hazardous Waste
Medical Waste, batteries, tires, paint, and petroleum products are all types of hazardous waste that must be disposed of properly. Waste Reduction Technology can assist your company to find creative reuse, recycling and disposal options for these items.
• Closing the Loop
When your company purchases recycled products, it is doing its part to "close the loop."  Recycled products have seen great improvements in recent years and can be purchased at competitive prices. Purchasing recycled products also assists your company with regulatory compliance and reduces the impact on the environment.

• Other Applications
For waste components not specifically listed here, Waste Reduction Technology has the knowledge and experience to design and implement programs to reduce, reuse and recycle as much of these materials as possible.

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