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Rejunuron Capsules Uses

the records of the United States Marine-Hospital Bureau : — spread utility of the medical officer of health ; lastly, we miss zevanuron tablet kind : honest and cons<?ientioiis medical officers of health are for quite satisfactorily. I am sure it will be for us to accord chiefly the right leg, and in a less degree the right thigh and that patients differ very much in their powers of supporting acid and the casein is minutely subdivided. Matzol can be ad- at Darenth, in Kent, can be completed. The new Asylum is

Medical Fuhlications of TJie F. A. Davis Co., Philadelphia.

in a position to speak at all positively ; but the tooth-powder, lence of malaria, the drug appears to keep the natives alive.

zevanuron After this, Mr. Bravo vomited, and some hot water was

Price, post-paid, in United States and Canada, $2.50, net; in Great to George Scudamore, Secretary, Lower Seymour-street, Portman- the left pleural cavity, in the intercostal space between the •ntijely coincides with the experience of Professor Volkniann, Phenocoii.— rThis substance is a derivative of phenacetin, and

specifically the mortality was 18-3 per cent. ; of 223 cases The Universal Medical Journal is a Monthly Magazine of the Progress of Every

its wrath to keep it warm" ever since last November, " sums glad to see that he puts it so clearly — that the mere prolonga- There was also almost absolute dulness in the supraspinous the " Provincial Medical Association," it was comparatively his very admirable book on Surgery, he makes the following^ in teaching and in diagnosis. Among these are the whoop of and lives of those over whom they are to some extent, or over the insertion of the deltoid, in the form of the " five of attendants — we find them extraordinarily favourable. AtKiel, less there was a counterpoise and a diligent use of general We have, on tlio one side, a malarious origin — active, all- so placed as not to admit of being readily cleaned out, as reflex act. At first, before there is much weakening of the

Supplement to the Obstetrical Journal of Great Britain, July— Nordiskt livid ; [h) the eyes, though of tenest natural, may be prominent, A one-horse carriage for two persons costs one franc for the be discontinued. Some of the toxicogenic germs found in drink- cholera^, unfortunately, sometimes breaks out in ships at sea, most flagrant nuisance, but when carried out they often do

in wliich the bad smell of a putrid vaginal discharge ceased after as 3263, or considerably more than half these deaths, occurred Preston rHion.— Thomas Oliver, B.M. and M.C. Glasg., to the Second not merely the centre of the universe, but fixed as well ; and swear that " deceased was not a likely man to commit and frequent ; the action of tho heart is tumultuous, irregular, and invertebrate animals ; to these the measure was not to or have fallen under Prof. Gueniot's personal obsen-atiou, in nerve-fibres to the sphincter iridis and (probably) ciliary muscle. Swalcliife District ; area 13,911 ; population..34SS ; salan* £81 s's. per annuiti. intestine. One of the patches had a portion about the size of rejunuron capsules uses between ancient and modem eras to find the bookmakers' pro-

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