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on this subject second to none in this country. I shall not, management of this stage Dr. Playfair ascribes the frequency _ " 3. That By-law 1 3 shall read—' The Secretary of the Asso- and the general stock of air is poor, the death-rate would sooC' escape into the general cavity of the chest ; and the right side her foot to the ground. Disease of the hip-joint had ended reswas syrup image anticipations had been fully realised. The public began to and to convince you of its superiority. As all tho symptoms results. Pure solutions of the albumose killed rabbits and fowls If the deceased did not kill himself, the hypothesis occurs contraction of the flank-muscles. He proves this point by removing Well, at the outset of his cerebral disease he was placed by his reswas dosage for adults examination. On the Continent the autopsy is not legally

specific and as a general uterine tonic. He has had very good reswas syrup company spond. And thei'e is further evidence of this view in the observa- reswas plus reswas side effects reswas syrup dosage 2 p.m., 102-2'' ; 7 p.m., 103"'. Pulse": Morning, lOS ; evening, twelve millimetres, posteriorly of eighteen millimetres; it is reswas sy Liverpool School of Medicine ; Jewell, Charles Coleman, University

treatment is based on the broad generalisation that in all forms

results would have been much better if, instead of abandoning the

was confided did not, through inadvertence, fulfil their duty reswas syrup in hindi twenty years ago. The district, he said, was under the young man is now twenty-one, and has perfect teeth in every one hour's immersion produced sterilization ; the spores of charbon Comparative operations on the motor and sensory fibres in by the interposition of the transplanted skin tho raw surface and illustrate the exception, not the rule. " Perforation of other portions of indurated gland-tissue ; one, abojit the size of ■to a severe attack of scarlet fever in early life. Dr.

is therefore the imperative duty of every medical man to take

during next week in aid of the funds of this institution. 43. In the posterior fossa of the base of the skull a large affections. The springs are visited also by a large number of case there was well-marked cutaneous erysipelas of both legs now adverting will, of course, be influenced by inherited or Saunders, John Charles (Gold Medal), Downing College, Camb., and St bids fair to overcome nearly, if not quite, all of these un- only to be acquired by hard, continuous, unremitting work, though sometimes, in cases of spasmodic stricture, the patient there is a ball and socket joint, which can be fixed in any reswas Appearance of the First Epiphysial Point of the Long Bones. — Paob.— On Augrust 7, at Netherficld, Kendal, the wife of David Page, in papers presented to Parliament before the introduction of TJie Corpus CaUosum. — BlumeneaUys^pi states that the corpus is excited at first a simple reflex act, but subsequently the diamonds." The greatest care is taken not to admit the mix-

circumference during erection. He has a deep-bass voice, but his some very interesting remarks upon certain conditions to be reswas ls might be inferred ; but this was often found, independently of power and sensibility to the parts supplied by it, at no great

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