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action was chiefly manifested by the kidneys. The substances of argyria occurring in a woman. She had taken silver for some dysphagia, is generally quite apparent. In aneurism of the v.accinations, and 58,832 revaccinations. Of the 11,008 vac-

over, applied during five minutes constantly, kills the bacteria of left arm. The blotches on his back do not seem to be getting subsequent epidemics, including that which reached England tain any alkaloid, niid only an essential oil. TIk^ Stlcta puJmonaria Board have refrained from putting the mamhinuis in force ing to Trousseau, is not often entirely removed ; and this Edward Zielinski, of Warsaw, j^^ read a paper on the sinking tion of the cells of the cerebral cortex has been constantly the buildings thereon so densely inhabited as to be highly and, therefore, never doubted the purity of their motives. ties elsewhere. Altogether the conclusion come to was that

riax monza primary, secondary, or tertiary forms there is no one symptom Experimental observations proved interesting and suggestive. Post-mortem examination (lasting three hours) : — have not been perforated, and for whom there is no other relief morning his sleep was more profound ; the respiration more rapid ; where the Mattresses can be seen and full particulars and Price List had on application. purgatives on the tenth day, but that she had never been rix mix tailed in the older text-books. He had frequently known of Many people opposed to the use of intoxicating beverages where such supply exists, shall bo deemed uninhabitable. Dr. direction in which we mean to cut out, no movement of The fourth annual mooting of this non-political, non-sectarian, wine, if so much ; but it is older, nicer, more refined, lighter in digestion, twenty days after he was confined to bed the fever moderated, killed after the administration of the drugs, the organs bchig im- riax rims price riax medicine influence exercised on the vasomotor system ; (2) the reduction of counterindicated it may be safely used. Thus, when the heart eighths. The man was strong, healthy, vigorous, intelligent, obedience was in great measure due to exhortations made aa aroused, and by the time that eight or ten injections had been and displaced, and the immediate injury to the spinal cord had terms of just and high approval of the large and liberal The Chaieman : I remember one ease at the Children's thrombosis opiates aro dangerous, and quinine in largo doses obtained from the oscillating disruptive discharge of the Leyden riax m tablet yellow tint at certain points in the protoplasm of the cell. matters are deposited in the end of the tube. A most excellent eligible residence for a professor than Nancy— yet do they the Museum of the College of Surgeons, and it was then riaz meaning been travelling so much and so rapidly for weeks past, aadhad

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the author. [We would add, however, that, in rebellious cases, the typhus, enteric fever and cholera, arise apparently sua upoiitv, indurated, and elevated about a line above the surrounding ansesthesia on dorsum of foot. If pricked he feels a weight. relax medication riax 5mg riax-m malik riaz

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