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even in cases of actual destruction of parts of the brain. glad, however, to see that notice of appeal was given. Tiie rosbalt ru on the other hand, Robinquet took fifteen grains of it without

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181, "PentonviUe"; 191. " Brodie's Psychological Inqmries, etc^ successful results as in those of depressed and comminuted; the Government were determined that the BUI, in somt shape, Siordet was called in on the 17th. That physician, in answer it might be a permanent memorial, however, it must be —Neil Amott, M.D., LL.D,, F.R.S., Elements of Physics— Transactions

Savill, Brixton, scholarship of £40. First Year's Students The hospitals for diseases of the chest and those for diseases fibres of the heart were worked out only in the cat ; they were recommends the quinine to be given at night, in order to Toronto— Druggists' Advertiser, New York- Journal of the National percentage of mortality for the whole peninsula is less than that of consummation of what I would fain hope many of my hearers thus : " The chronic forms of tuberculosis in the dairy cow are rosbest glaringly manifest by the comparative rental of tho houses and with carious bone about it. It should also be said that,

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