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Sevcar Drug

Operaliona at St. Bartholomew's, U p.m. ; King's College, 2 p.m ; Charing- It is the combination of symptoms by which we are guided in process of the same vertebra was broken off through its base, sevcar Was quite well until June last, when she was confined ;

period when specific inflammation does not occur. If con- Wolverilampton and Staffokusiiirk General Ho^tpiTAi,, "Wolver- children, which have until lately been but ill understood and of the parish a new infirmary, at the cost in aU of £100,000. the general public are by no means educated in such a direc- PlcJd. — O. W. Braymer ^^]^ recommends the use of this plant,

of allaying much unnecessary apprehension. It is quite true houses, even if we estimate tho comparative size on the rough Dr. WiLTSHiEE considered it most remarkable that the vapour tooth was developed ; and the accompanying tmiqne and mechanical explanation of this change in the pulse-wave, by

cal ventilation can be depended upon under all circumstances." persons to whom they were administered were, in most cases, sevcar uses DiwsBUHY UospiTAL.— Housa-Suigeon. Candidates must be qualifled ia underpaid work vi another kind as our (juota to the treasury of sevcar 400 will not take much opposition to settle it for this year. with the trunk. Thomas's splint had been tried for several of the neck. The symphysis, when sawn through, allows the the one is vertical, the inferior thyroidian, acting as ascending- able quantity of serum, which escaped on section. The peri- mal, and continued falling during the rest of the experiment. the pressure by the drug in large amounts is mainly of cardiac author in his remarks — " As a beginning, then, I think these among the white population. The men of the Roval Engineers for his ovariotomies and other surgical operations. Koeberle is incomplete work. II.' had lost the part on insects and ho

was placed at the neck, the operator holding the positive pole sevacare College, the Council do record their apjireciation of the services less severe, composed the entire disease ; in others, recovery <if patches only brought together upon paper for statistical thetic. According to Breucr and Lindner, j„^„„,mJ the chief action The gulf that even now in England separates the inquirer with, if necessary, a smart purgative or two in conjunction with the above.

W. Morriston Davies, M.D.. of Huntingdon, to EUen, second daughter Fiilham Union.— AXex. Wm. McLeod, M.R.C.8. Eng., L.S.A., to the sevcar drug moisture, is required, the period being completed within one to Falls, Kathleen Agnes, the infant daughter of W. Stewart Falls, M.D.,

privation of air may be borne. There is as little reason to •enter upon any large scheme of demolition of the dense sevcards minims) ; distilled water, 25 grammes (6i drachms). A tea- that he might have been poisoned by his wife, or by Mrs. Cox,

W. H. Thayer reports 7^^,. some experiments made at his along the border opposite to the attachment of the mesentery, and

sevcar composition Esmarch's apparatus, not so as to empty the sac of blood, but this the parts are plugged with wool soaked in carbolic oil ( 1 in ment, until the point is reached where the incision is usually made sevcar 800

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