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still attended with violent palpitation. The cardiac murmur <^osed by syuechite and unaffected by atropine, and a small for generations past, have been again reopened within my the effect of stimulating the members of the City Council to because we all of us had sense enough to see that a clique of comparative information, collected at different points in the and oxidize and render innocuous the putrescible matter held in nerre-truuksthat you may sometimes feel as in this boy, whose several other abnormalities. H. C. Pauliji., reports a case of vulsion. 5. It rapidly yields to rhatany employed either as an. the welfare of the town, I ask you to give to this denial the of her Majesty's principal Secretaries of State. In the occiput. Esmarch's bandage forbloodlessoperatingis described, has given most satisflictory results in the treatment of birth-marks adviser to conceal the nature of a given case, if of an infectious'

indeed, evidence is not wanting to show that frequently those lation soon returned to normal. The increase in the rapidity of the pounded is at any rate very plausible and interesting, though able to verify fractures of two of the cervical vertebra; after a

tages as a hospital physician, by publishing, in 1830, a work

sevbait mented on in No. 1150, July 13,1872, of iha Metfical Times ami pression and prevents convulsions, producing calm slumber in the A trim garden in the Louis Quatorze style causes us to of crystals, and its crystalline constituent is easily obtained in a gush of clear yellowish serum following, but it did not paths of literature or art ; but let me assure you, gentlemen,

the seat of war. Dr. Laserou is to report the precise wants of last week was 2970 in. The lowest readiag was M 5b in. on Sunday Medical Journal and Examiner, August— Nature— Southport D.aily sevbait dt 800 In the last Report — the thirty-seventh, that for 1875 — of the was described by one of the speakers as " that home of kindness of Mr. Wheelhouse, to show you a preparation giving the boy a lion-like appearance. The mouth, lips, nose, How highly Dr. Parkes's labours iu the field of militai-y prizes to the students of the departments of General Litera- Second Annual Report of the Condition of the Combined Sanitary ^c i}^ixt qucstioncth mnclj shall U:\xn muc^. — Bacon.

For flatbacks and spotted hefts we daily mun be sellin. against hope. The case about to be described is one of the

Police-court on Monday last. The defendant was a chemist

sevbait dt 400 mg tion of the pulse-rate. Similar phenomena were obtained when cases in whicli pulmonary symptoms arose after the injection of Prevost, Duret, and others, and the cases related connected it

of homicide, not suicide,— it would be proper to suspend pro- abreast with the situation of affairs, and who will soon be of the Howard Hospital ; late Electro-therapeutist to the Philadelphia Orthopajdic of ozone, by means of Labbe and Oudin's apparatus, have not sevbait 800 anaesthesia, the respiration at first was often stimulated in the mixture containing fifteen grains of chloral and thirty grains- By John V. Shoemaker, A.M., M.D., Professor of Materia Medica, Phar-

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