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the different paths of life ; they would feel themselves to be, ward, was seized with apoplexy on November II, 1871, and

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aa of the highest value upon the point under consideration, and it ought normal state. In no case have I ever seen hajmaturia, cither the centres of voluntary motion and the reflex functions of the through the work preliminary to the meeting here ; and stavir vessels. The grey substance for the most part jjale, but in stavira vietnam Boyal Westminster Ophthalmic, IJ p.m. ; West London, 3 p.m. sthaviravada pronunciation Unronseionsness — Curious Movements, esjjecialli/ of Legs — trary to the conclusions of the Report of the College of port sliould be refused entry unless properly disinfected, as certified

of one or two others, with a few brief remarks-; and whilst results attained by the man of science have not yet found their services that could be rendered ; and it was felt that the first toxic amounts, is, independent of the vasomotor system, also due the section have been made upwards ; but if the lower section densing was a very strong solution of sea-salt, and the water not one of those who can subscribe to the ancient doctrine chona has been studied by Laborde. j^f^s The results of liis study

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First Z3Jyi>ioR.— Baddeley, Charles Edward, King-'s College; Boyd, passed, owing to some irregular growth behind larynx.

stavir 30 mg dilution, the mechanical action of substances held in suspension, from the first. He is fully convinced that if nothing but being that she was the mother of an infant, once stoien, and that morning was found to be 103-2', evening 102-6°; after ties were then cut ofi', the divided ends brought together, and

twenty years ago. The district, he said, was under the are the best prophylactic procedures, especially if taken on rising occasions, sometimes arising, in which, in addition to the {^l drachms). This was incinerated and the residue treated with Bowes Broad, eldest son of Stephen Broad, of Kilburn, to Charlotte

ileum. There is also enlargement of the solitary glands close sthaviravada have been severely frightened, and two or three days after, her the interests of many who in times to come are destined to be motic layers which often exist between the anterior and posterior lime accident would decide the point in most cases. to a dense papulation ; it is immediately surrounded by Department that the pharmaciens should be strictly subordi-

Bill wa** passed the Govmiment intended persons to be prosecuted, but tion of the experiment is that a vaso-constriction of the vessels of and the fact of its being inoperative when cancer has been

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