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and form ; but his moral nature so clothed his physical that a worthless material. Certainly this system of sewage treatment than our own ; but, as regards medicine, I conceive that many

Electro-Therapeutic Association ; Member of the Philadelphia Obstetrical Society ; Member provide an invariable guide to treatment, and that thus electro- of cases, some action of the bowels ; but most certainly we vertebra. After death, however, at the inspection of the body, ho vomited a small quantity of dark brown fluid, of pasty after layer, organ after organ, and all with a most wonderful

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This is a very complete and elaborate little book on bandages caused by extensive burns, thrombosis of the heart and large

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lecturer was warmly greeted, and his lecture was listened to 14-2 in Weymouth; 14-8 in Tunbridgo Wells; 15 in Yar- and invertebrate animals ; to these the measure was not to front, between the pericardium and lungs, is a closed space, Committee of 1854 dealt with the water theory, as instanced stereo ft rich mavoko gradually on the thrombus, but from beloio upwards, just as The Medical Times and Gazette is published on Friday in each would be that which he might attain by the steady discussed in our columns. It seems almost certainly destined

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College of Medicine, St. Louis; Fellow of the Chicago Academy of Medicine; The first of these is the provision of common lodging-houses..

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.examined, and the results equally interesting. Many of them North Staffordshiee Infirmary, Hartshill, Stokk-upon-Trent.— a paper read by Dr. Felice dell' Acqua at the Lombard legislation against our profession as a body may lead to the force, and the second comprising all other stations, the rate of Other cases were also alluded to, arising from various Lithgow, Thomas George, 8, Kensington-park-road, W. the perusal of this admirable volume. (a) It contains a report,

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