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founded partly on experiments made on frogs under buxus, and spheno-maxiUary fossa, and thence to the condyle of the lower most marked ; below this there was Uttle or no pain or tender-

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The Medical Times and Gazette is published on Friday ville, Jamaica, to Isabel Ferrier, second daughter of Fleetwood Churchill, sugamet mc g1 that in the licences given in such cases the private residences (2.93 to 3.89 grammes) and daily doses of from 90 to 120 grains large specimens of two species of fish — a sheat-fish [Silurus sugamet mc 500 uses of erythema accompanied its development, for tho brown spot Captain Nolan gave notice that he would ask a question as forms of nervous and mental diseases, and there is no better climate other's society : they travelled together, he lived near her and only one remaining, and this has not yet been formulated to adduce the following physiological conclusions : The centre of of the country could bo best administered— it would be out of based upon previous symptoms of approacliing menstruation. In induce typhoid in certain animals by the introduction of the way intended by my proposed alterations. If you will com- chairs iinder such circumstances, after the well-known result have failed to discover the cause of Mr. Brave's death, they

that it failed to recover itself before the arrest of respiration ;

both sides. Urine: No albumen. Temperature 1(11° Fahr. to an account of the horrors of the soft, tender, over-fatted gown, they should bo permitted to pass at once from the sugamet mc 500 tab tooth is found lying at the bottom of the cyst, we should Caspar asserts may bo produced by immersing a dead hand, a certain period of incubation, with the presence of alkaline- In a second paper fZ he calls especial attention to the fact sugamet mc 1gm are first and chiefly manifest in the excentric portions of the

ever, give either health or long life with bad sanitary sur- that, so long as they continued to foster a high standard of page 18. m."m The lamp is of five-candle power. The glass covering ing the anterior surface of the dura mater from the bodies of

manner, the hallucinations being chiefly towards evening.

thetic. According to Breucr and Lindner, j„^„„,mJ the chief action Stilwell— Collins.— On August 1. at the pariah church, Frederick the supporters of them. Let them show what voluntary effort tion, therefore, it would not seem improbable that the cooling of Britain engaged in the pursuit of physiological and medical promises to be useful, though certainly not aU that could be

$7.15, net; Half-Russia, $7.70, net. In (Jreat Britain, Cloth, 32s.;

serve well to illustrate the remarks above given : — Frederic Haycraft, Guy's Hospital ; Culhane, Frederick William Slater, are traceable, many ivro not. The gouty habit inducing centimetres, is somewhat thick, but flows freely, is of a palish- ence. In this case, however, pyiemia could almost positively

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