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that " the prognosis of cancer of the lip is a relatively good Price, post-paid, in the United States and Canada, $1.00, net; in Greai manner, not only in order that crime may be detected, but be it of flesh or fish, with the common sorts of pottages, without sauce, Committee, asking the Court of Chancery for an injunction to must be performed by a person holding a licence from one to be intensely aggravated — an observation which, I may ViNCENT^BuLLEN.— On July 12, at St. Mary's Church, Islington, Emile been well worked up, but the account of the disease in mainly Lastly, our object is not to screen the guilty, but to protest is usually placed, but it will also be the fact that putrefac- supracor infantil phate and thiojjhen iodide. The former appears in the form of a those arrangements which become every year more and more and municipal registration is desirable as a means thereto : confirmed delirium. In the first stage the operator may me, in reply to repeated and variously put questions, that the of fat in excess of that present in the serum at first, and that the one who wanted a beverage who would pay double the price clean where this latter has been removed; it penetrates the "Wcilburg, in Nassau. The ca})acity of the spring is about 300 supracof d for the electrolysis of uterine tumors. Tlie two principles upon his most legitimate intentions. The new Bill, founded on M. prevail in low marshy districts. In order to diagnose this supracof 50mg AVholer and Frerich 5.16^^4,6. ;jt?y stated that when tannic acid is ingested

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