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cal reactions characteristic of acids such as the turning of

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this respect may be placed on an entirely satisfac

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We should follow Dr. Davis s precautions and take a careful his

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succeeded in starting an impure culture of Treponema pallidum

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squeezed from infected crypts of both assisted me in con

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incomes from those able to pay to give them a reasonable return

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of X rays in diagnosis than military surgery. There

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origin in the choroid plexus through iter to the basal cisterns then

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tial influence in provoking the excessive drainage.

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there usually is a compensatory dilatation of the common duct which

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on his County Draft Board and was its medical examiner. When

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that the irritant is or is produced by these bacilli and

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daily work. Arthur Young s muscular monstrosities stalk

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they are doing they should never allow themselves to reach the point


disintegration of the lining membrane of the uterus

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Judd considers that this two stage treatment consid

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formation and of urea formation appears to be the liver but

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tivitis which were erroneously supposed at first to

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Possibly hopefulness may be of use in inspiring the

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cordingly upon the preventive side of their work that

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soon after obtaining pure cultures of T. pallidum we started

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bervie bore his faculties so harshly that he became detested

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work before us the author explains in detail how and

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duce deformity and obviate subsequent surgical pro

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The meningococcus in the genital tract simulates the

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