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analogous case is related by Dr. Abercrombie, in his excellent work on

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going farther, make our diagnosis. I allude to its metastatic character,

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thoraces may be also more or less fused together. When there are two

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matter of fact, it is seldom that this course of treatment does any good ;

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when there is dilatation of the left ventricle with secondary mitral in-

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pofle. The letter is in this day's Journal, and is respectfiilly re-

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amenorrhoea, and have drawn the inference that the iron acts directly on

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towards the patient, for he is powerless to restore the nervous tissue which

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Louis observes, who can analyse as he analyses ? The unwearied indus-

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*' To such a surgeon confide your own patients during your absence."— I had occasion to consult

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have a bluish tint. The lungs will probably be oedematous.

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some of the cases in which the obstetric practitioner is called upon, and

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Hfte. 12-14 (gives complete references to literatur^- — ^Jacobi. " Anatomy and Pathology of

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The explanation I shall give of the facts will be physical purely. Avoid-

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Midwifery, That he was importuned, by his publishers in OhiO| to

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to the organic nerves of the lungs, or to the brain and motor respiratoij

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proneness of the American people to ape foreigners, in manners, cus-

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221 or 67 per cent were of respiratory origin, and 93 or 28"1 per cent were

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of the valves, the sounds not being at all roughened. Theie is efibsioB

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cause chronic nephritis, probably in the first instance of the parenchy-

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lymphatic system is often a valuable help in diagnosis, for it shows that the

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surfaces of trunk and extrenuties. It is made up of firm nodules, varying in size

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and he was directed calomel and opium every six hours, for the purpose

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patient, a carpenter, thirty-five years of age, was on the previous even-

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as there is reason to believe that the tissues become habituated to the

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associations under the direction of vision. Care must be taken, however,

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ad ministering the Balsam of Copaiba without taste or smell.

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vised the call of a physician. We arrived at 10, A. M. Found her

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whatever. He covets the commendation of asses, who will bray ecce ho-

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off level with the cheeks. The expression of this unfortunate being,

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In the vast majority of cases an examination shows that there is nothing

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form of thickening of the peritoneum and generalised adhesions with

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