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tion an abscess was found, arising from perforation of the appendix vermi-
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Case 1. — The perinaeum of a young woman, twenty-six years of age,
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From the Author. — A History of the New York Kappa Lambda Conspi-
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the ovary and remove it and the tube. Ma&s ligatures around
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described by Schmidt-Rimpler who reports a case. The disease
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The building fund of the Maryland University Hospital
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exact r61e of the bacteria of secondary infection may
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of age, 23.4 per cent., and above 50 years, 60.7 per cent. Dur-
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drugs is not forthcoming. The great trouble has also
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Under these circumstances, the postmortm examination*
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the action of the calomel in diminishing the inflammatory symptoms. These
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labyrinth. It begins as an ectodermic thickening just
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other sanitary objections, only a little less emphatic,
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suffered from no disease except malaria and gout. He came in
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that considerable oedema and painful tension of the lower part of the limb
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would be an exceedingly difficult and exquisitely painful
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death. It not seldom occurs that the nodular forms of
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