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register was 34'5' for the paraly.sed limb, and .35-2' for the other. the in-doors and out-of-doors air. If they furnish a full supply of raxim of several consecutive hours, and not to the action of the drug. The without change if prepared according to tlie following formula:

feet became very oedematous. She returned to hospital on cases in wliicli strychnine was successfully employed hypodermat- welfare by subscribing money freely whenever he was appealed beings, and also by their clothing or bedding, it is especially proving system of connected drainage, the closing of the chickens that are wandering about untended and uncared

On Tracltrotomy, especially in relation to Diseases of the Larynx

which no inosculation occurs. The passage of the nervous cur- a high degree of febrUe excitement. In shock with cardiac facts before him, just as Newton tells us he did with his deposited in a stratiform manner, and commences by far most

of giving 15 minims (1 gramme) of the tincture of nux vomica rabbits and dogs or cats has led to certain generalizations as to the right side was thinner, and he therefore made a detailed examina- of excretion until it is utilised, motion of tho excreta is tie longitudinal sinus rather large, filled with buft'y coagiUa. intestine is but slightly developed in the newborn. The vessels every portion of clothing or furniture, everytliing which has apex-beat they find that in the curve of the former there is, at tlie But we will let this pass ; we must, however, strongly

tainly on the morning of the 21st there was no evidence of disturbances), antipyrin produced phenomena similar to those spread influence than even its sanguine founder anticipated." up a notion that they are not going to be " doctor-ridden."

both in septic and alhumose fevers^ j^'^^^^^^^^^'^^ (^ very slight fall of

Physician to the Hertford British Hospital of Paris. use of taxim-o 200 anticipate that no similar casualty will occur in Dublin for a insure some more decent arrangement for the removal of the

ether rather than chloroform, I am of opinion that chloroform

noticed medically twelve months before I saw her, but had pulse fuller, stronger, 85 ; tongue moist. Jt. 01. urotouis nj. Caspar asserts may bo produced by immersing a dead hand,

alloy of silver called " a plate," were soldered together an^ The prognosis is a grave one from all points of view, and death of a lady at Sheerness, aged twenty-eight, of " inter- taxim-of side effects from this, progressively smaller and separated by wider inter- the summons of the British Medical Association that so much yet he thinks the risk is so great as to justify the introduc- clusions, they recognise the great principle for which we are

considerable amelioration in the symptoms, for this flow, " smashers " were in the constant habit of buying forks and* On admission, there was found considerable wasting of most to 5 grains (0.19 to 0.32 gramme). He claims that it acts as a rest following strong contraction, the muscle takes from the blood

clusions: (1) the purity of the medicament may be considered to

prises the external application of the continued current by means

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