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Tegretol Level Quest

Treatment. — Administration of iodide of potassium in daily doses

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the present time it has been but little studied in animals. I have

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The tissue of this tumour was soft, whitish towards the centre,

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pools into badly protected wells, favoured the spread of the disease.

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standing with his foot trembling upon the edge of the grave, To him it is tho

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John Appleyard and John Bellwood [University College,! ; Frank Steele (Li-

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(a) Lymph being probably the chief or only source from which the

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Presidetits : Dr. Druitt and Dr. Morgan. Secretaries : Anthony Bell,

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magnificent structure ; and human life is surely more precious than the

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within the cells forming the vesicle ; to these Unna has given the name

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ribs on each side. The abdomen w.as swollen and tympanitic. The

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are other clauses in the Bill which your Council are of opinion should

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requested to apply to the General Secretary, to the Branch Secretaries,

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primarily from pneumonia. You have also seen that it may assume a

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voting-papers : and that the Committee report to an ordinary general

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centre which suspends our system, round which it swings in ceaseless

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referred to simple causes, especially to the action of cold on a number

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1866. .67 Further particulars (in Lancet) of his case of Excision of

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nervous systems of women were more readily influenced by lead than

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either too lengthy for admission into the Journal, or may be deemed

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of the lancet. It is more likely they were produced by nerve-shock

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quently took. Having been present in the House during the whole of

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notice of what passed around it. The gait was careless, the limbs

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and in cases of small limited cancerous tumours, before they have in-

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white e.Npectoration. In the previous September, a swelling had begun to

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there defiantly, with arms akimbo, with smell of suds

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much for the wounded or not enough. From our experience of in-

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money. A rule is accordingly in force at the Infirmary that " No per-

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the pulmonary capillaries. At various points the spongy tissue was

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between a group of abstainers and another group — not of temperate men,

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borne out by facts, although, as in Holland, there seem to be some ex-

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i8g8. Affected with swellings in different regions, the largest opposite

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overcome it. The researches of MM. Cyon, Ludwig, Thiry, and Von

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Bill of any provision for the direct Representation of the Profession in

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most Royal Majesty, whose happiness and felicity the

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twenty-eight days with classical generalised tuberculosis ; a fowl

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When a large quantity of fluid has been present in the pleural cavity

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regret its omission by Dr. Tanner. Among the articles on diseases of

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disintegration of the lung induced ? Simple impediment to the entrance

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applications were made to the head, and at a later date a blister was

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