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68 On the Use of General Anesthetics. Franklin C. Weils.
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sertations, with their dates and authors, has therefore
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82 Miss Jane I, Robertson — A Study in Self-revelation.
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throughout, many sections have been rewritten or have been remodelled,
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Rule #4 You know it's going to be a rotten Saturday night when:
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Surely the facts are Avell recognised, that the less the age is the oftener
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sore throat, and falling of the hair. In fact, he gives a cir-
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so much importance to the constitutional treatment of chronic uterine
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quent respiration in order to keep pace with | the child, and its possibility is always to be
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Anocs, Alexander, Esq., Surgeon, of Frith Street, Soho Square, aged
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sive drinking of ice water when overheated and occasionally the
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is by no means necessary for all persons, but it is unques-
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with red blood-corpuscles. There are fewer nuclei than normal in the walls of
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Issekutz (7) calculated the concentration of strophanthin within the heart by
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tuberculin is given. A general reaction takes place. The amount of anti-
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urethra, when, after an interval of a few minutes, the
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of injection with iodine as well as by granipition after incision or ex-
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doses of salicylate is due to retention of water as indicated by an
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Turkey, of inoculation with virus from the active disease.
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numerous small holes, as large as a pin's head, are surrounded by a zone of
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It was formerly believed that vasomotor influences alone were res-
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female population was taking part in the paid indus-
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terminated, as there are usually other stones remaining
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weigh all things before he sets about this operation. It is not
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