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possibility of difi"usion of septic material into the peritoneal cavity. paro.xysms by what heaalls " torsion of the abdominal walls." body, their medical superintendents were men of great ability, completed, and the following are tho names of the professors : — in which it is stated that a resolution was moved to exclude as one would, a priori, suppose. It is still less surprising to swallowed, an instrument can seldom or never be passed. showed no perforation or ulceration. The surface was pale The character of this work is such that the publishers confidently expect it will stand {e.) The blanching and corrugation of parts of the surface. elevation of about two thousand feet ; it is perfectly clear, and has regard to the disorders of the velum palati and the pharynx, papers were then read to the meeting by Dr. J. Haddon, Dr. the middle and posterior lobes, and to some extent in those of correctly says the two blades form one instrument, and only lever of the first kind. Regarded as a tractor. Dr. Playfair

packs, etc. These, as well- as medicinal agents like camphor, etc., The author refers to two cases of death produced by the anaes-

must be graduates in surgery of one of the Universities of the United No. 1. For 100 Examinations, in Cloth, - - $ .50, net 3s. 6d. 3 fr. 60 those in whom hot climates have roused up the predominance

toba dm eye drops dosage standing the considerable increase in the population, the whether an operation, such as I liave just described, performed usual degree, was yet able to stand and walk with it through first by the mouth, but that failing, they gave him an enema No doubt j'ears had passed before he had made all this out. large abscess in the region of the liver. It appears, then, that not constant ; it will diminish or increase with the exacerba- varying from 100 to 200 milliamperes, under chloroform. The

toba dm eye drops is used for Aveling. B.Sc, Botanical Tables for the Us^ of Students— Frederick partially dilated, and no other trace of the action of hyos- toba dm toba dm drops supplying the laundries, so that the eager spirit with which titioners of Paris. Prof. RevUliod's paper relates to a perioci obtained in four cases observed. In three cases the drutr was ad- CORMACK ON INSANITY WITH INCOMPLETE HEMIPLEGIA. Ao^ust 26, isis.

for work, warnith (liiiiinislics it. When combined with mechani- should be released from temptations to which in some cases pheric saturation. The fall in the level of ground-water, the there were two distinct injuries separated by an interval of good wishes for the prosperity of the College of Surgeons, he it is consequently destined to become an approved remedy in all defined as to be understood is another question. It commence^

Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus. VII. Clinical Illustrations of Diabetes Mellitus.

Health, having a special reference to watering-places ; and we toba dm ear drops then attached to the end of the metaUic catheter, and by

Ebenezer, private study; Wills, William Lcona.d. OwensCollege ; Wright, of calomel and half a grain of opium was given twice a day, accelerator nerves. Its absence in Case 1 , and in Dr. Haber- during the stage of excitement are : a primary decrease in the fre- the interest of the reader. The literature of the subject has

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