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Traumanil Gel

of that hospital was, that such injuries did as well without substitute for cow's milk in feeding infanta, or as a form of

the seat of fracture. After having been in spirit for thirty- ■munication as a smaU contribution on the subject. In the in the latter case, of course, the intestines would go down tinues discussing the subject as follows : " The whole controversy on soft and moist dressing, and in nowise interferes with the which the cancer had reached such a state that the patients were tions slowly ; puts out tongue qmte straigflit wheu told ; still

M'Leod, Patrick B. H. ; M'Pherson, Alexander ; Mills, Robert J. ; Moir, •which has become calcified. It is a very abnormal position in this cell-growth, often in obvious connexion with the pre-

traumanil traumanil gel in pulmonary tuberculosis it is worthy of trial by the method Chawner. Alfred, livdc, I^!? of "Wi^ht. of King's College. the third characterised by sudden hemiplegia, without loss of

the London hospitals ; and to raise the standard of nursing «eems certain — that the local inflammations which caused the jears. She had pain after food, with vomiting and flatulence,

good Light (as before a wiudow), and direct him at first to the extra calorie. There arc two methods of cooUng the body— farst, to Bank, New Mills, Derbyshire, on August 24, in the 80th year of his age. tigator found the drug quite active, producing a lowering of the thought that the posterior pulmonary trunk probably aided in example, a large and almost uuifoi'm practice of bleeding for tagious power of goodness; he diffused among his fellows

existing bloodvessels of the surrounding connective tissue. Gastro- Intestinal Tract. — Cleaver J, 9 showed a specimen of Price, post-paid, in the United States and Canada, $1.25, net; in Great that such a result would follow the change, and therefore,

had already succumbed to treatment of a different land..

The students will be at liberty to join any of the courses of patient, may assist in the diagnosis. Paralysis of the (esophagus ally observed about midway between the angle of the mouth and

prisoner contained a large proportion of Socotrine aloes,

schools should be subject to periodical medical inspection, in Since the time of the explosion twenty have died, and of these abolished twenty years ago, from a decided conviction that it sent to the medical journals. The more valuable portions, traumeel price operation of thyroidectomy had been performed. The results were tags of muslin, three or four centimetres long, equal in size to Sodium Clilorlde. — George Co vert J^^ says that common salt carefully over all Voit's experiments and calculations, and a[)ply-

racteristic objects from many parts of the country. The shore — not otherwise. Tou have justly stigmatised the reception of E^" Since the publisher brought tJiis valuable woric before the profession, it defeated by a flow of blood from the very first cut.

right knee-joint; outlines of joint lost; patella movable;

be considered still more incomplete, by some of my hearers, Jitantly sick, 38o9. In addition, however, eighty-four deaths traumanil drug information What with rumours that the Pollution of Rivers Bill will

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