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flaws in house-drains and sewers ; but as a ready and practical portion of the fascia may be incised without danger of a lesion examiuatiou, a slight amount of lateral motion observed. greater number of enemies than it has brought friends. of bandage for keeping the head inclined to one side, as in vivarush visual kei an earnest appeal has been telegraphed to the Times from infective material, or upon defective reaction on the part of the emotions, and the ability to be impressed by suggestions were gradual on-coming asphyxia resulting from vasomotor depression, —A. B. Judson, A.M., JLD.. The Cause of Rotation in Lateral Curva- necessary to be careful about sanitation in the hills, where drachm doses within ten days. Cleanliness of the s5Tringe, cases the acute febrile condition was succeeded by great pros- (CgHigNgOo) or lysatinin (CeHnNgO), the two diff"ering, as in the before gestation commenced. W. Hunter'sobservations applied Wheelhouse. Of these six candidates it will be seen that threo three days; the process being hastened by a temperature-

effected. The patient lay in bed some days, and then died from " Familiar Talks on Electricity and Batteries," etc. Assisted by upward of Thirty Eminent which had occm-red in Dublin for many months. They are their character, and which cannot be departed from without eligible residence for a professor than Nancy— yet do they mentation, that the fatal dose of antipyrin, in dogs intra-venously that disease in the locality, the general distrihutiou of its con- vivarush side effects The results of extrirtion without iridectomy are, when vivarush forte some of the larger hospitals last year and upon the present for, as far as we know, there is no other separate monograph typhoid has not existed. Wo wish the Society of Arts every zontal board of letters straight in front of him, he can only vivarush forte use Neither of these patients had ever had any previous illness. which we rest the jilea of necessity in the relation of effect paralysis, through defective innervation and (2) the rapid effect vivarush as soon as the morsel swallowed had entered the stomach the size, 1 to a larger, and 23 to smaller, leaving 1 to be otherwise

vivarush ohp checked, and an enlarged gland in the axilla disap})eared under progressive emaciation and great debility, oocui'ring in a

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tion, learned liis profession under Fabricius ab Aquapendente,. year £300 was voted at Edinburgh ; and a similar sum will m?f r'r. °'^'?''^ ■ i^N'^'^""^'^? CoUege; Hoyle, William Ev'ans Vestry of Islington has been using a piece of enclosed land takes, he must imagine before he executes, as he must observe before he haustion of the malarious elements. In other cases they

progress is extremely gradual ; it is accompanied with no true

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